Tom, Dick and Harry for PM!!

Posted: April 26, 2009 in Indian Politics

I was having dinner yesterday with a few of my old buddies. One of the heated discussions we had was on the on-going elections. Everyone agreed that the results will be too close to call. But nobody wanted the 3rd front to win, especially Mayawati. One of my friends even said that if god forbid, Mayawati becomes India’s PM then we could go back to the dark ages. Yeah, those were his exact words.

This set me thinking. Why can’t Mayawati aspire to be the next PM? She is the messiah of her followers who adore her. She has won several elections in the past. Isn’t her rise from obscurity against all odds a truly inspiring story? She also rules the most populous state in India. Doesn’t this count for nothing? She is only 53 and much younger than the other PM aspirants of other parties. If people like Deve Gowda can be the PM, why can’t Mayawati get her chance too??

In fact, looking at the way Manmohan Singh sleep walked through the prime ministership the last 5 years, anybody can be the next PM. Mr. Singh took orders from 10 Janpath, and through this subservience, devalued the office of PM. He did nothing of note as PM other than the Indo-US nuclear deal. Pranab Mukherjee ran the Govt and the coalition without getting any credit. Sonia Gandhi, after her grand renunciation, chose to use a puppet to run the Indian Govt, and boy did she succeed. At least Rabri Devi got to be the queen at Laloo’s home during the time she was Bihar’s proxy CM. Mr. Singh was never the King!!!

After the 26/11 attacks, when the country was looking for strong leadership, Mr. Singh came on TV and read out a thoroughly lackluster speech. When he got admitted to the hospital, nobody in the govt missed him even a bit. It was as though he was never there all along!! Today, Mr. Singh gets worked up when the BJP call him a weak PM. He says he is hurt by such comments. Yes Mr. Singh. The truth does hurt sometimes!!!

Mr. Singh has never fought and won any elections in his entire life. The only time he even dared to stand in an election in Delhi, he was routed by the BJP. How can somebody who has never won any elections be the head of our parliamentary democracy? He is not contesting this election too, apparently on medical grounds. If he is not medically fit to contest the elections, how is he fit to rule the country? The truth Mr. Singh is that, you are warming the chair for King Rahul. I am appalled that an honorable man like you has agreed to this farcical exercise.

The point I am trying to make here is that the PM doesn’t matter in the Indian Govt. The day to day running of the Govt is anyways done by the Babu’s. Life goes on irrespective of the nature of the Govt at the cente. Surely, Mayawati as PM cannot do worse than Mr. Singh. Her Home minister can definitely do better than the incompetent Sivaraj Patil. Does anybody want Chidambaram to be the next finance minister? At least Mayawati as PM, would fulfill the dream of the Dalit population. Who cares even if she does worse? We will adjust to life with Matawati as PM and life will go on just fine. The same for any other tom, dick or harry who goes on to become the PM.

After all, aren’t we masters of the “Chalta Hai” attitude!!


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