WTF News of the day – April 29, 2009

Posted: April 30, 2009 in Movies, WTF News

Kareena’s 36-hour ‘work’athon!

News papers yesterday were splashed with news of Kareena Kapoor’s non-stop shooting schedule for 36 continuous hours!!!

Guys, this is election time. Are u so starved of news to carry this ridiculous piece?? Sanjay Dutt’s Jappis and pappies; as well as Modi’s budhiya and gudiya are much more interesting….

And Kareena, we don’t consider wearing 15 hrs of makeup, practicing the perfect pout for 6 hrs, talking to Saif in b’twn for 5 hrs, and travel time between different locations of close to 10 hrs, all for 5 min naach – gaana in each movie as work!!! Period.


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