The Journey so far – A Self Appraisal

Posted: May 31, 2009 in Random Ramblings

It has been exactly 37 days since I started blogging again. I have got lots of work lined up for me the next 2 weeks, so I thought I could review my blogging effort so far today as I might not get the time later.

14 posts in the last 37 days, 31 comments not counting 8 spam comments and a total of 306 hits at the time of writing this post. Not bad I guess. I have written a lot on football but the season has come to an end now. I will have to think of something different to write. The T20 World Cup could come in handy. I also wanted to write about the elections and what the results mean to India as well as Manmohan Singh’s jumbo ministry but couldn’t do so for lack of time. I could probably ramble about those things too…

My post on the things I shouldn’t do when I am drunk has been the most popular so far. WordPress gives you really cool stats on visitors to your blog and how they reached there. For example, the visitors to my blog so far have used the following search strings: “things i did when i was drunk”, “when to apologize for behavior+drunk+work”, “i am drunk what should i do”, “make up things when you’re drunk”, “what do you do after a drunk night”, “i was drunk and made a complete fool of myself”, “don’t blame me i was drunk”, “i shouldn’t do this to my friend”, “apologize for throwing up drunk”, “5 things to not do while drunk”, “what to do when you drunk?”.

Well, I am simply amazed at the things people search on the net. I mean, why would anybody want to find what to do when drunk on the internet? This post also created quite a bit of controversy too. There was this bit where I had said that I shouldn’t try hitting on my friends sister or cousin when drunk. Well, this represents two incidents which happened 2.5 years apart. One friend found out about me hitting on his sister the same night and gave me a real dressing down. The other guy found out about his cousin from this blog!! My aunt also stumbled onto my blog from my Facebook profile and found this post to be really interesting. I have always tried to maintain the “samathu paiyan” squeaky-clean reputation at home and now atleast one person from my family knows more about me now thanks to this blog. Well they had to know someday!

Personally, I have liked only a couple of my posts. Got to improve a lot in the coming months. I also need to increase the range and depth of my writing. But for that, my personal life needs to get more interesting to get the creative juices flowing. I have been stuck in my monotonous work routine for too long. I should try to break out of it and indulge in more creative pursuits.

But things don’t look good on the work front. I either need a long break or should try doing something different. I feel that I am stagnating in my current job. I am barely hanging in there. In fact, I have been summoning all my patience in the last couple of months at work just to survive. Things are sure to reach a tipping point when the pressure season starts with all the deadlines, un-cooperative clients who piss you off, stupid juniors, quality reviews and bosses who demand documentation from you for the work they had never bothered to see. I am sure to lose my famed temper some point of time.

Until such time, I hope I would be able to churn out some sporadic posts. One can only hope for the best!!

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