Software’s version of “Bijli, Sadak & Makan”

Posted: July 4, 2009 in Random Ramblings

I’ve never liked Narayana Moorthy of Infosys. I feel that he is a big hypocrite who gives big sermons on propriety and nationalism while doing nothing concrete for the country. On one hand he portrays a holier than thou image through clever interviews to a naive media, while on the other hand he secretly lobbies for tax breaks for the IT industry. His only shot at doing something concrete in public life ended disastrously when he unceremoniously resigned as the chairman of the Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL).

His Infosys mate Nandan Nilekani on the other hand, is his complete opposite. He is a genuinely nice guy wanting to make a difference. He does not give preachy interviews, but focuses on his job instead. Making him the Chairman of the Unique Identity Authority of India (UIA) is one of PM Manmohan Singh’s best moves so far. Nandan Nilekani’s interview to the Economic Times shows his earnestness and passion to the huge task on hand.

If successful, this initiative could transform the delivery system for the public service initiatives of the Government, plugging the existing leakages. The project would also benefit our national security immensely. But, this is no mean task. Mr. Nilekani will have to deal with the bureaucracy and politicians whose life support system will be plugged if the existing delivery system is replaced. They will do everything in their power to throw a spanner in the works of the UIA. I hope the PM gives Mr. Nilekani and his team his full support and complete freedom.

This will be the greatest challenge that Mr. Nilekani has faced so far in his career. Far greater than anything he would have encountered at Infosys. The Iceman wishes Mr. Nandan Nilekani the very best for his humongous task on hand. I just hope he succeeds for my country’s sake….


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