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Rakhi Sawant gets 12,515 marriage proposals

Rakhi Sawant is holding a swayamvar as part of a reality show and has apparently got several applications from desperate and horny men who will probably fuck just about anything that moves!!!

After a series of selection procedures, Rakhi will choose from among 15 grooms on the show and will take the help of viewers to decide on her ideal man. The Channel has also given city and age-wise statistics of applicants. As of now, Delhi is leading the way, followed by Mumbai.

In her press release Rakhi says “I want to thank everybody for their continued support. This huge response has proved to everybody that my swayamvara and shaadi (wedding) is not a joke. My only wish is to find a person who will always be my support system and will respect me for what I am”

How pathetic!!!

And the people at NDTV Imagine which is going to air this programme, have u guys become brain-dead?? This is a new low in Indian TV!! Enough said…


Kareena’s 36-hour ‘work’athon!

News papers yesterday were splashed with news of Kareena Kapoor’s non-stop shooting schedule for 36 continuous hours!!!

Guys, this is election time. Are u so starved of news to carry this ridiculous piece?? Sanjay Dutt’s Jappis and pappies; as well as Modi’s budhiya and gudiya are much more interesting….

And Kareena, we don’t consider wearing 15 hrs of makeup, practicing the perfect pout for 6 hrs, talking to Saif in b’twn for 5 hrs, and travel time between different locations of close to 10 hrs, all for 5 min naach – gaana in each movie as work!!! Period.