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I had planned to write on the Dr. Manmohan Singh’s selection of his cabinet to run the country for the next 5 years. But, TVR Shenoy’s article in rediff has brilliantly captured the muddle that is the new Indian Cabinet.

The Congress has won a surprising, yet decisive mandate. After a decade dominated by coalition governments and compromise politics, the current government has a great opportunity to set things right in India. However, the early indications are definitely not good. Dr. Singh and Sonia Gandhi have selected the same old uninspiring characters from the Congress party to man several key portfolios. Further, they have tried to balance regional, sectarian and caste aspirations of several groups. This has led to a large and unwieldy cabinet as well as sub-division of several ministries into smaller ones. This could turn out to be counter-productive as ministers are sure to step onto the toes of their counterparts quite frequently. We may encounter cold wars between ministers eager to protect their fiefdoms from encroachment by fellow ministers.

Manmohan Singh has not started his 2nd term on the right note. History will never forgive him if he squanders this golden opportunity to govern India the right way despite such a decisive mandate. Dr. Singh are you listening? Please pull up your socks and get going!!