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I have not blogged for a while, but Usain Bolt’s stunning sprint on sunday meant that I had to write something about this. BBC’s Tom Fordyce has written a brilliant piece on this record breaking feat. I particularily liked tom’s comment ‘When Bolt ran 9.69 secs last summer in Beijing, even that seemed an impossible time. To take another 11 hundredths of a second off that defies logic, history and everyone else’s biology‘ Make sure you also read the comments below the blog.

Gareth Davies of the Telegraph asks whether Usain Bolt is the Muhammed Ali of our times. The Economist too gives its take on the fastest human being (Or is he actually from another planet??).

Bolt’s logic-defying sprints have stunned experts who are simply dumb-folded. Former champions like Maurice Greene are simple in awe of Bolt. Already, several columnists have started to speculate on how fast he can go in the future, considering that he still very young and has huge scope for improvement, especially in his starts.

Usain Bolt is simply a freak of nature! Human body has its limitations. But, Bolt is stretching these boundaries beyond anybody’s wildest dreams. The world of Athletics has suffered from a host of doping scandals in the past. With every record that he breaks, the bogey of doping will hang above Bolt’s head. Let’s just hope he is clean as the world needs a hero like Bolt.

In case you have missed the race or it’s highlights, enjoy the clip below!

The pictures of the race are also available here!

Bolt has now set his sights on the 200m finals on Tuesday. I am eagerly looking forward to another record-breaking performance.

Go Bolt!!!!